Discovering the Kano Model

A product or service will only be successful if it effectively solves one or more important customer problems. Every customer problem can be represented as a need. The Kano Model is an insightful representation of 3 main categories of needs any product or service must address in order to survive in a competitive market. I […]

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The CAGE MODEL and the “Innovation Sweet Spot”

Innovation has two main beneficiaries; the internal and external customers for the product, service, or software being developed. When you dig deep, you find these customers have many needs you must satisfy to earn their business. Some of the needs are obvious and some hidden (blatant and latent). To compound the issue, in every case […]

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About the Kano Model

The Kano Model is a product or service development theory that helps you to determine which features you may want to include in a product or service to improve customer satisfaction. It continues to be a critical element found in the front end of Product and Service Development. The Kano Model may also be referred […]

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