What is the Kano Model?

The Kano Model is an insightful way of understanding and categorizing 5 types of Customer Requirements (or potential features) for new products and services.

It was created in the early 80’s by Japan’s professor Noriaki Kano, but continues today to be an essential tool for all organizations independent of industry or size. The main purpose of the Kano Model is:

Kano Model Example - See how the Kano Model works

  • To communicate 5 universal categories of customer requirements that all product and service developers need to be aware of in order to remain competitive.
  • To show how each of these 5 universal categories can influence satisfaction and dissatisfaction.
  • To show how 2 of the categories add value and 2 of the categories detract from value, and 1 of the categories creates new value.
  • To help organizations understand their customer needs better than their customers understand their own needs.
  • To provide a mechanism to help organizations understand and classify all potential customer requirements or features into these 5 categories so they can prioritize development efforts on the things that most influence satisfaction and loyalty. This is done by the Kano Survey, or sometimes called a Kano Analysis.

This website was designed to provide a practical and easy way to learn content relevant to the Kano Model, its use, and getting the most out of it. This site was developed to help organizations quickly learn the basics of the Kano Model as well as introduce the visitors to methods that can help them take the Kano Model to the next level. Once you master the Kano Model, click here to visit our brand new sister site devoted to methods and skills to discover and create Dr. Kano’s Excitement Quality.  www.InnovationTutorials.com

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“Great explanation. I took process excellence training and the Kano Model concept was not covered that well. This really enforced the concept. Thank you for creating the video.”

Clear and crisp description of the Kano model in 8 minutes. Excellent tutorial!” I also thought the course was very interesting and I learned several methods for innovating, a few I had learned before, but several I have never seen. Examples were very useful, as they cemented the method into your mind.

“Brilliant video straight to the point and well explained” … Manager, Automotive Supplier

“Great presentation. Very clear.”

“Very nice presentation. Clear and and to the point. I loved the examples it used to explain.”

“This was extremely interesting and has given me some ideas to take back to our managers!”

“Excellent Videos! Keep it Up! Look forward to seeing more of these…”

Dave showed us how Systematic Innovation tools and methods can help our organization better compete with our product categories.

Need the equivalent of a B12 shot for your creativity? ….. Spend a day or two with these methods.  The training was solid, detailed content delivered very coherently in a relatively short amount of time.

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