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It is possible to understand your Customers’ Needs better than your customers understand their own needs!  The Kano Model, or sometimes called “Kano Analysis” or a “Kano Survey” continues to be a critical element found in the front end of Product and Service Development. It was created by Japan’s Dr. Kano in 1984 and can help any team or organization get a better understanding of Customer Requirements and their impact on Customer Satisfaction. We designed this website to provide practical and easy to learn content relevant to the Kano Model, its use, and getting the most out of it. The information on this site was developed to help people quickly learn the basics of the Kano Model as well as introduce the visitors to methods that can help you take the Kano Model to the next level. Be sure to check our “Extras” and “Articles” for additional information.

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Coming Soon - ARTICLE & VIDEO - Kano's Excitement Quality

The toughest of Kano’s 3 classifications of needs and features are the Excitement Qualities. Teams often struggle on how to come up with good excitement quality. Brainstorming, the tool most teams use is good but has several inherent flaws ranging from dominate personalities to being only as good as the brains doing the brainstorming. In this next article we will explain how to go far beyond brainstorming and show you practical and effective methods for inventive thinking.

Coming Soon - ARTICLE & VIDEO - Value, the ultimate Goal

The bottom line goal for any company is to create value for their most important customers while simultaneously generating a profit. The key word here is Value, and when it is understood well, Value is a profound goal that can be defined as a ratio of useful functions divided by costs (V=F/C). Once you understand specific strategies to maximize the useful numerator and minimize the harmful denominator you are on your way to grow your organization in profound ways.

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