Kano Model – Custom Video


Custom Video of the Kano Model with your company branding and other customizations.

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We will create a custom video (mp4 format) for your company. Use it for your corporate e-learning, training, or just post it on your intranet for viewing at will.  No need to be connected to the internet because it can be on your hard drive.

We can include pictures of products from your industry in some of the examples displayed during the video (see below details) which will help the viewer make the connection between the Kano Model concept and products from your company or industry.

Below are the optional items we can customize.  We will re-edit and integrate the below portions of the video with the information you send us.  Once complete, we will send you the customized video in mp4 format.

BEGINNING: 0:00 second mark in video: Your company logo and text message at the beginning of the video – we can add text of your choice and/or read a script of your words.  You must provide the images and script.
MIDDLE: 5:09 to 5:30 mark in video: We can replace the examples (cameras, power steering, pay at the pump, free internet access) with examples of your choice from your industry.  You must provide the images and script.
END 7:30 mark in video: We can add any message you want to display (or have narrated).  You must provide the images and script.
OTHER:  We can cut out any other time segments of your choosing.  Let us know specifically which time segments you would like deleting (if any).
Contact us with any questions ( info@kanomodel.com) We will respond within 48 hours with any additional information we need from you to create the video and details on how to download your custom video file once it is finished.