Conducting a Kano Survey – Webinar


Webinar on How to Conduct a Kano Survey – 40 minute streaming webinar


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The webinar goes well beyond the basics of the Kano Model into great detail to teach you the step-by-step “How-to’s” for Developing a Kano “Survey” or Questionnaire.

It starts with a quick review of the model itself, then introduces the 6 essential elements for Conducting the Kano Survey:  Identify Customers, Determine Requirements, Design the Kano Questionnaire, Administer the Survey, Analyze the Results, and Decide on how to Act on the Results.

It goes into the detail of the Kano Survey and Analysis steps including:

  1. A comprehensive definition of who the Customers are for a Kano Survey,
  2. 2 Unique Perspectives on getting a complete list of Customer Needs,
  3. The relationship between the Kano Model and Kano Survey
  4. Discusses the 4 Customer Research Techniques that are inputs to the Kano Survey,
  5. Provides over a dozen Sample Questions to use in gathering Requirements for inputs to the Kano Survey,
  6. Shows you 2 approaches to Design the Kano Questionnaire and 3 options for Kano Survey Responses,
  7. Shows you how to use a Kano Evaluation Table,
  8. Gives helpful hints on testing the Kano Survey,
  9. Gives helpful hints on how to ask questions in the Kano Survey,
  10. Shows you how to tabulate and summarize the survey responses into the Kano Table of Results,
  11. Explains the Customer Satisfaction Coefficient Formulas and how to use a scatter plot to visualize the data and draw conclusions, as well as an Opportunity Matrix to prioritize resources and act on the results of the Survey,
  12. It’s 40 minutes long, rich with practical content on the How-To’s for planning and conducting a Kano Survey.

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