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VOC – CAGE Model

Innovation has two main beneficiaries; the internal and external customers. The CAGE Model has similarities to the Kano Model and shows three distinct “knowledge universes” that typically occur in the beginning stages of new product, service, or software development. When you overlap these knowledge universes, you find intersections of value and areas that must be avoided for success in the marketplace. This short video begins to explain the first half of the battle which is to recognize the distinct regions of these intersecting knowledge universes. When you dig deep, you find these customers have many needs you must satisfy to earn their business. Some of the needs are obvious and some hidden (blatant and latent). 5 minutes in length.  Enjoy! Watch VOC - CAGE Model video here


Product Design Process with Systematic Innovation

A product design process using systematic innovation including best practice innovation tools, Kano Model, CAGE model and innovation course. Describes the 8-Step new product development process that takes customer requirements into account. Customized training and workshops are available. Watch Product Design Process with Systematic Innovation video here


Systematic Innovation Intro (1 of 2)

There are several compelling and practical methods being used to help teams and organization come up with Innovations (Excitement Qualities). Click here to learn much more about our latest 8-Step process we call Systematic Innovation, which is a framework of integrated best practices to develop new value and innovations for your customers. You will see that the Kano Model is used in Step 1, (Voice of the Customer) and in step 4, (Concept Generation) we introduce over 36 methods to get at new Innovations, Kano’s Excitement Quality. Watch Systematic Innovation Intro (1 of 2) video here


Systematic Innovation Intro (2 of 2)

This is part 2 of the video above. Watch Systematic Innovation Intro (2 of 2) video here


House of Quality / QFD

The Kano Model is a tool often used in QFD (Quality Function Deployment). In this video you will get an introduction to the QFD process and the House of Quality. You will also see a global flowchart on how the QFD process works and where the Kano Model fits in. Watch House of Quality / QFD video here


Systematic Innovation Short

Have only have 5 minutes?  Here is a very quick intro video showing our 8-Step Systematic Innovation Process.  The Kano Model is in Step 1: The Voice of the Customer. Click to watch the video